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BetTech Support Policy

Last Modified: 28 February 2022

This BetTech Support Policy covers products and services that are supported continuously by BetTech subject to our Master Services Agreement available at:

Service Catalogue

Our Service Desk offers the following services:

  • Incident Response: Incidents are unplanned interruptions, unplanned reductions in quality, or other failures within our products or services. Incidents may or may not impact service levels depending upon which capabilities are impacted by the failure that precipitates the incident. Please note that scheduled or otherwise planned maintenance is not an incident.
  • Service Requests: Service requests are business-as-usual requests for activities such as resetting passwords, updating user data, and other requests that do not change the configuration or any of our products or services.


While we endeavour to treat all support tickets with urgency, some tickets are more urgent than others. Accordingly, we define ticket priorities as follows:

  • Urgent: Any Incident affecting product or service capabilities subject to our Managed Wagering Services SLA, is classified as urgent priority because it impacts your core business.
  • High: Any Incident affecting product or service capabilities that are not subject to our Managed Wagering Services SLA, is classified as high priority because it is important but does not impact your core business.
  • Medium: Any service request that is time-sensitive is classified as medium priority.
  • Low: Any service request that is not time-sensitive is classified as low priority.

While we allow our clients to set the initial priority of their tickets, we urge our clients to classify tickets correctly so as not to unfairly prejudice other clients. Please note that no service request can be prioritised higher than medium.

Standard Support

Standard Support is defined as follows:

Premium Support

Customers with Premium Support enjoy all the benefits of Standard Support. In addition to the benefits provided by Standard Support, Premium Support is available 24 hours a day.

Response Times

The following table outlines our response times to tickets raised with us. Please note that response time refers to the time taken for a Technical Support Agent to respond initially to the ticket. The time to resolve a ticket is dependent upon the complexity of the ticket and will be communicated by the Technical Support Agent.

Table 1: Response Times


Response Time



15 minutes or less available 24×7 for both Premium and Standard Support



30 minutes or less available 24×7 for both Premium and Standard Support

Service Request


2 hours or less*

Service Request


4 hours or less*

Scheduled Maintenance

(Hotfixes, Preventative Measures, etc.)


Scheduled Maintenance


48 hours’ notice

*Response times may for service requests are best effort and not guaranteed because incidents always have priority.

Code of Conduct

In addition to your obligations contemplated within our Master Services Agreement available at:, the following code of conduct is enforced for the protection of our support team.

  • Write for the reader: Please avoid technical jargon, legalese, or other terms of art that might obscure the meaning in your messages.
  • Be courteous: We’re here to help you with incidents and service requests, pleasantries brighten everyone’s day. Please also remember that when there’s an incident, the support person helping you didn’t cause the incident.
  • Be concise: Please capture the essence of the incident or service request so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

Provide specific examples: Please provide us with specific examples based on real-world occurrences so that we can quickly replicate any problems or otherwise better understand your request.

Service Level Agreement

While our products and services comprise many capabilities, only the following capabilities are covered by our Managed Wagering Services (MWS) Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • Sportsbook Service
    • Registrations: New users can register accounts successfully.
    • Logins: New and existing users can login successfully.
    • Deposits: New and existing users can deposit funds into their wallets successfully.
    • Withdrawals: New and existing users can withdraw funds from their wallets successfully.
    • Content: New and existing users can access sporting event and betting markets successfully.
    • Bet Slip: New and existing users can create bet slips and place bets successfully.
    • Bet Settlement: Bets are settled, and winning bets are paid out successfully.
  • Notwithstanding the coverage provided by our Managed Wagering Services SLA, any incident caused by, or otherwise attributable to, third parties or to any other circumstances outside of our control are not covered by the Managed Wagering Services SLA.
  • Any disruption to, or outage of, any of the capabilities covered by our Managed Wagering Services SLA will be handled as provided for within your commercial agreement with us.
  • We reserve the right to amend or otherwise update the list of capabilities that are covered by our Managed Wagering Services SLA in the normal course of evolving our products and services.


Our software is deployed on a typical cadence of 2 (two) weeks; however, the cadence may be altered from time-to-time as may be required by our business needs. While deployments occur on a cadence, releases occur on demand as per the following:

  • On demand release is achieved using feature toggles that enable or disable features through configuration.
  • New features when deployed are released only when their associated feature toggles are set to enabled. Accordingly, it is possible for a new feature to be deployed but not released because it is disabled by means of its feature toggle. By contrast, updates and extensions of existing features are released when they are deployed provided that the affected features are already enabled by means of their features toggles at the time of deployment.
  • While certain features may be configured or disabled, deployments and updates are mandatory. Any feature that cannot be disabled will as such, be updated in the normal course.

Ideas, feature Requests, and other Feedback

  • We welcome ideas, feature requests, and other feedback with respect to our products and services (“feedback”). We accept such feedback via our Ideas Portal at: Accordingly, please ensure that any feedback that you wish to convey is conveyed via our Ideas Portal only.
  • Given the nature of our business, a further stipulation is made in terms of feedback shared with us by means of our Ideas Portal. Feedback disclosed to BetTech may be freely utilised by BetTech. The intention is to protect BetTech and our clients from opportunistic and unwarranted claims from unscrupulous third parties.
  • Any feedback submitted to us via our Ideas Portal does not create any burden, duty, or other obligation on us to implement such feedback. Where we do choose to implement any feedback, we do so at our sole discretion without any obligation whatsoever to clients or anyone else whether in terms of (i) notifying clients; or (ii) implementing such feedback in whole or in part, to its originally submitted specification.
  • Any discussion that we may from time-to-time choose to have with clients or anyone else about any feedback received is for our research purposes only.

Requests for Professional Services

Any requests for professional services must be made via the assigned Relationship Manager. Professional services are paid engagements with BetTech that are subject to commercial contracts for bespoke work to be performed by our teams. Such bespoke work typically involves custom development work for new features, services, or other software, which once completed will become part of our intellectual property and will be included within our products and services. Please note that we have no obligation to enter into any professional services agreement with you or anyone else.