BetTech Gaming’s suite of services complement both new market entrants as well as existing and established operators

Serviced Software Solution

Serviced Software Solution: For experienced operators with existing operational and trading teams as well as content provider agreements, we offer our standard hosted self-service solution which provides access to our multi-channel platform. Customers may also elect to self host.

Enterprise Managed Solution

Enterprise Managed Solution: For customers who are interested in entering the sports wagering industry, but do not have the necessary trading experience to manage a sports book, BetTech offers a turnkey end-to-end managed solution, including trading and content. These customers are also able to take advantage of BetTech’s wholesale agreements with its content partners. Some Benefits include:

Feature Highlights include:

– Turnkey – managed and localised trading services

– Savings on operational expenses and management

– Capitalise on assets

– Generate new revenue stream