The BetTech wagering platform has been in development over the past six years, as an enterprise cloud SaaS product, embracing all of the latest trends in software and web technology.

It is able to offer seamless web, mobile and retail point of sale betting interfaces, for all wager types, including fixed odds, pools, live in-running and spread betting.

The platform also offers product integration options for online casino, retail and online virtual games as well as number games, via a single unified user wallet.

Two core solutions utilising the platform are available to customers, a managed service and a self-service option.

The platform offers operators of a physical retail, web and mobile wagering business the opportunity to customise their offering to sports punters on various levels.

The wagering platform is able to automatically import wagering market and odds content from various industry-leading suppliers, enabling the operator to run a fully automated wagering business, if so desired.

Wagering markets are served via the various channels and subsequent results and pay-outs are fully automated. Due to the cloud based nature of the BetTech product, operators have the ability to monitor and manage their business from anywhere in the world.

Products include:


  • Manual event creation and resulting
  • Automated events creation and resulting
  • Fixed odds
  • Pre-match
  • Live In-running
  • Prematch – 25 000+ events per month
  • Live in running – 13 000+ events per month


  • World Lotteries
  • Fixed Odds
  • Automated event creation and resulting
  • 400+ events per month

Horse Racing

  • Manual event creation and resulting
  • Automated event creation and resulting
  • Automated stretch prices
  • Fixed odds
  • Pool betting
  • 5 000+ events per month

Virtual Games

  • Retail: Streaming or low bandwidth in store video
  • Online: Soccer, horses, dogs, tennis, basketball (new)


  • Live dealer
  • Slot machines
  • Table games
  • 500+ Games