Serviced Software Solution

Serviced Software Solution: For experienced operators with existing operational and trading teams as well as content provider agreements, we offer our standard hosted self-service solution which provides access to our multi-channel platform. Customers may also elect to self host.

Enterprise Managed Solution

Enterprise Managed Solution: For customers who are interested in entering the sports wagering industry, but do not have the necessary trading experience to manage a sports book, BetTech offers a turnkey end-to-end managed solution, including trading and content. These customers are also able to take advantage of BetTech’s wholesale agreements with its content partners. 

Feature Highlights include:

  • Turnkey – managed and localised trading services
  • Savings on operational expenses and management
  • Capitalise on assets
  • Generate new revenue stream

Specialised Marketing Services

Catalyst Digital: Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Catalyst Digital (BetTech’s internal gaming marketing agency) goes beyond just advertising, focusing on improving all areas of Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral to deliver measurable, performance-based results. This scientific approach, combined with an extensive industry knowledge across multiple markets and target punters, position Catalyst’s specialised Marketing Services to deliver sustainable growth and for your sports betting brand.