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  • Moving to a new office

    Posted on 10 November, 2012

    After spending the first two and a half years working from various addresses in South Africa the new office marks the start of a new era for BetTech Gaming.. BetTech Gaming was formally founded in August 2009 and at the end of 2012 the team moved into exciting Grade A new offices in Green Point, Cape Town.

    Our team has gone through an exciting growth spurt towards the end of last year and  setting into our new space has been extremely inspiring. Now not only do we live in one of the world’s most beautiful cities but we get to come to work in this exciting building and offices. We are not unhappy at all.

    Being able to celebrate the opening of this new chapter with such an amazing working space has set the tone for us. We have seen the team grow three fold and filling up the new office quickly.

    Here are a few before and after images of our new office:

    Before and During