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  • Africa: A complex market full of opportunity

    Posted on 1 June, 2016

    Understanding the unique nature of betting in Africa is the key to successful market entry and survival, says Bettorlogic CEO Andrew Dagnall.

    Of all the emerging betting territories, Africa is one of the most interesting, and for those looking to move into this market, one of the most challenging. Local operators have seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and what has happened elsewhere is now occurring in Africa, as BetTech’s CEO Anli Kotzé has witnessed.

    “We are starting to see consolidation in some parts of Africa which I thought wouldn’t happen for another three to five years,” Kotzé explains.

    “Not only are operators popping up in many countries across the African continent, but we’re seeing companies in other industries looking into sports betting as a new revenue stream, especially as the negative tag that was once attached to betting is fading.” Continue reading further on Gambling Insider